30 January, 2022

Adventists and Environmental Care… Do We Really Care?

Noemí Durán Royo

Noemí Durán Royo

Adventists and Environmental Care… Do We Really Care?

Although in the past Christians have ignored their responsibility to the environment, today most Christian churches, including Adventists, understand that we have a God-given duty to care for the planet, its ecosystems, and its inhabitants.

But how does that translate into action? In this workshop we will assess how green the practices of Adventist churches in Europe really are, and propose feasible improvements that we can implement before the next Youth Congress.

Let’s plug in and care for Creation once and for all!

In social media Noemí uses the nickname Noe Bioloca, which in Spanish means Noe Bio-crazy. This very much defines Noemí, because she is crazy about Biology and she works as the Director of the European Branch Office of the Geoscience Research Institute. She does all types of things from lecturing to crazy science experiments. Due to work she always travels with a suitcase full of replicas of hominid skulls. She packs them as her carry-on luggage, so imagine the look on the security peoples faces at every airport when her suitcase goes into the X-ray machine.


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