7 April, 2022

Sexual Connection and Spark!

Ansku Jaakkola

Ansku Jaakkola

Sexual Connection and Spark!

In this workshop you get it all:

-Sex tips from the Bible

-Clarity on love

-Touch: how to ignite or douse the spark.

Come and plug in to the spark workshop!

Ansku is honored when she is a part of an answered prayer. She loves teaching the Bible, nature, looking at the sea, art, and sleeping. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University and is a Couples in Crisis counsellor. She became a believer, because the Source of Life that is 100 % love, in whom there is no darkness and who wants to communicate with people, keeps on captivating her. A dip in icy waters has become strangely attractive to her recently.


Snapchat: pastoripaikalla

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