25 May, 2022

Leading Young People to Baptism and Discipleship in Relational Ways

Anthony WagenerSmith

Anthony WagenerSmith

To Baptism and Discipleship in Relational Ways

According to the Bible and our Adventist heritage, if you have been baptized you are ordained as a minister of the gospel! Discover how to connect with and empower new people in three key areas: relationship, ministry, and theology. This practical workshop will challenge you to implement these principles into what you are already doing.

Growing up, Anthony was nicknamed Amp by his friends. He coordinates mission, evangelism, and church planting for the Trans-European Division. He also works as a professor in practical theology. He enjoys all things outdoors, cycling, trekking, winter and water sports, as well as, playing his hammered dulcimer. Through the influences of Christian teachers, pastors, and parents, God moved him from cultural Christianity to convictional Christianity during his teenage years.

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