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David is a Light Bearers speaker and ARISE co-founder and instructor. Since his baptism in 1999, he has traveled the globe preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He and his wife Violeta are the happy parents of two boys, Landon and Jabel. They enjoy backpacking, climbing, running, fly fishing, and reading.


TUE 2 Aug. 2022 evening: Unplug

WED 3 Aug. 2022 evening: Plug & Breathe

THURS 4 Aug. 2022 evening: Plug & Serve

FRI 5 Aug. 2022 evening: Plug & Share

SAT 6 Aug. 2022 morning: Baptism service

SAT6 Aug. 2022 night: Plug & Live


We start with REST. Adam and Eve’s first full day of life was, strangely, a day of rest. Not of activity, but rest. This seems strange, at first, but it’s actually revealing and beautiful.

Plug & Breathe

Without the breath of God, neither Adam nor Even would’ve been alive. And neither are we TRULY alive until we receive the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. What does it mean for us to live as God intended?

Plug & Serve

Humans were created by God with a purpose, and that purpose is largely outside of us. Adam and Eve were called to tend, keep, and extend the Garden. They had a work to do, a purpose and a mission. So too, we have been called to make the world around us better. To “extend the Garden” and to beautify the earth. A large part of being truly human is getting outside of our selfish internal worlds and making the worlds of those around us better, brighter, and more beautiful. We have been sent into the world with a purpose—to love and serve.

Plug & Share

Part of being human is reproducing. This is true both sexually and spiritually. “It is not good that humankind should be alone” is not only a statement about marital connection, but about community as well. God, as a Covenantal Community in His own divine nature, has made us social beings. We long to connect and be connected with. We long to love and be loved. As Christians, followers of Jesus, we are called to “be fruitful and multiply,” that is, to extend the Kingdom of God on earth. We are most fully human when we are surrounded by family and friends. This is how we will spend eternity. God is the Father of us all.

Plug & Live

Again, we are made in God’s image. We were made, well, to be alive, and most of living is just the “normal” and “day to day” routines we create for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with this. But we should see in the normal routines and rhythms of life continual opportunities to worship, praise, connect, and truly live. Our life doesn’t have to be amazing by modern standards in order to be extraordinary by God’s standards. This life is just the beginning. There are greater things ahead than anything we will leave behind. This life is an opportunity to learn how to live as fully human. Nothing is really “ordinary”; everything is “extraordinary.”

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