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The story behind the AYC22 logo

Choosing a theme for the congress (AYC22) is merely the first step in a long list of tasks and activities that bring a congress to life.

We had a “name” (Plug In) and now it was time to give it a form and a design: we needed a congress logo. This is one of our favourite parts of the process because it’s where we get to ask young people in Europe to bring in their vision and creativity.

In February 2020, we launched the AYC22 logo contest. Within a month, we had received 34 logo proposals from 23 young people in 15 different countries.

So, it was time to narrow it down and choose our one and only congress logo as well as our logo contest winners. The first-place logo contest winner was Hajdi Samuela Adamovic (UK). Her design and idea was the basis for our final congress logo, which was edited by graphic designer María Alonso (

Graphic designer María Alonso

The cable represents three people who are connected to each other. At the same time we see a plug pointing upwards, which symbolises the invitation to connect, or plug in, also to God.

The three silhouettes represent a group of people, of all sizes and ages, and are built up of a series of circles, to make sure they were proportional. The people are painted in different colours to represent diversity.

The colours used in the logo are the official Finnish colours: red, light blue and dark blue.

 We would also like to give a shoutout to Fábio Freitas (Portugal), who won second-place and Margarida Xavier (Portugal), who won third place.

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