Daniel Bosqued


Daniel currently serves as President of the Sagunto Adventist College (Spain). He holds a PhD in Theology (River Plate University, Argentina), a BA in Nursing (Valencia University), a BA in Psychology (UNED) and an MBA (UNIR). He’s passionate about youth and has worked in youth ministry for more than ten years, serving as the Youth Ministries Director of the Spanish Union from 2012 to 2017.

He’s married to the girl of his dreams, and they have two beautiful daughters: Amy (10) and Amber (8) and an almost-human dog: Chester. Daniel loves reading, hiking and traveling with his family. Jesus is his life, his friend and his precious hope.


WED 3 Aug. 2022 morning

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FRI 5 Aug. 2022 morning

Instagram: @daniel_bosqued

Facebook: Daniel Bosqued

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