Blog AYC22 vlog Check out our AYC22 Vlog – Episode 1!

Check out our AYC22 Vlog – Episode 1!

Greetings from Finland!

We are nine months away from AYC22, and our organizing team here in Finland is excited. To us, it already feels like congress is just around the corner. That’s so cool! So, we want to share some insights and sneak peeks with you, about the process of building up this huge event—that’s why we came up with this idea of doing a pre-congress vlog series.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the first episode of the official AYC22-vlog! In the first episode, you’ll get familiarized with some of the key scenes of the congress venue as well as the core of our Finnish team, the youth director, Atte Helminen, and yours truly. Make sure to subscribe to Adven7ube (Finnish union’s YouTube channel) so you don’t miss any of the following episodes!

AYC22-vlog Episode 1

Funny story behind the scenes of this particular episode: About a month ago, we—that’s Atte and me—left for a day trip from Helsinki to our congress city, Lahti. There, we were supposed to meet some AYC collaborators and do one interview that had to do with my other work in social media. The morning of an early autumn day turned amazingly beautiful as we arrived at our shooting location in the Lahti harbour and met my interviewee, the former executive director of ADRA Finland. It was only then that I suddenly realized that I didn’t have everything I needed with me. My most important tool—my camera—laid next to the shoe rack where I had forgotten it as I left home for a genuine shooting day. Goodness me!

To my redemption, Atte happened to have an external microphone set packed up in his car, and we managed to shoot the interview somewhat decently with two phones (thank you, Lord, for advanced mobile technology!) and a separate audio recording. After that, we started running around the city meeting people, studying the different facilities, and me desperately trying not to exhaust both of our phone batteries while shooting random clips for this vlog.

While the technical quality of this episode didn’t meet the acceptable standards of a fussy social media geek, we still had a blast in the beautiful city of Lahti and I’m happy that we could show you some of the places where WE WILL MEET next August! Right? See you there, God bless and hope you enjoy the vlog series!

-Joona Päätalo, project coordinator in Finland

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