Blog AYC22 vlog Have you seen the 2nd episode of the AYC22 Vlog?

Have you seen the 2nd episode of the AYC22 Vlog?

It is time for another episode of the AYC22-vlog!

It’s all frosty in Finland (we already went down to -20 °C in December) and we just had our annual national youth event in Finland in late 2021. The event took place in Lahti, right next to our congress venue, and we had the pleasure of welcoming the EUD Youth Director Jonatan Tejel as our guest speaker for the weekend. Jonatan didn’t come only for the weekend to speak about unity in Christ, though – during the following days he was joined by couple of other youth directors across Europe, as we held an AYC22 Steering Committee meeting.

What is a Steering Committee, you might ask? A continent-wide congress gathering 4-digit number of people from different cultures takes a lot of preparations to be successful, and that’s what our Steering Committee is assembled for. Youth directors and specialists from eight different countries are making sure that your congress experience will be unforgettable and deeply meaningful!

Moving on from the formalities – have you ever got an opportunity to have a bite of salmiakki or mämmi? They are both delicacies available exclusively in Finland, both maybe looking black and suspicious on the outside, but bearing unique Nordic flavors on the inside. We admit, that they divide opinions, and that’s why we wanted to test them on our international visitors. To see how they liked the new taste perceptions and whether you should try out these things during your congress visit or not, have a look on the attached vlog episode.

The Finnish AYC-team wishes you great blessings to the beginning year!

-Joona Päätalo, project coordinator in Finland

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